Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stealing Cthulhu Review

I was going to write a really long review about this, but I forgot to!

Let me summarise this really simply for you - From the point of view of a Keeper of Call of Cthulhu for over 20 years, you NEED this book!

Just go and buy it ok.

It really is that good and that refreshingly useful.


Games Workshop Does It Again

Here's a post on Beasts of War from Friday 4th October 2013.  I'm not a Games Workshop customer - nor have I been for nearly 2 decades, but if I was, I wouldn't be now. 

I'm not going to saying anything bad against GW - because I don't have the money or time to risk having to deal with legal communications, but I don't think I need to, just read the post and make up your own mind.  

As for the games, take your Warhammer, or whatever, and shove it up your arse...